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Sander Duivestein

Sander Duivestein

Sander Duivestein is speaker, trendanalist, internet entrepreneur, advisor, author and columnist and writes about the impact of new technology. On behalf of VINT (the Exploratory New Technology Institute of ICT service provider Sogeti), he wrotes books and reports about this theme.

The Future Is Synthetic: Playing with Reality

Sander’s talk will be about virtual influencers, reality bubbles, bots, fake news, Fortnite, Animal Crossing, Zoom, COVID-19, 5G and artificial intelligence. At first sight, all these terms seem to have nothing to do with each other. Sander knows how to connect them over the axis of new technology. In his story he examines how the media revolution changes our perception of reality and how we can play with it. Sander is known as inspirational, fast, passionate, visionary and humorous. He arranged key-notes for KLM, PostNL, ABN-AMRO and KPN before. We’re happy to have him!