25 October 2023 @Kazerne - 19:30


During this special DDW event we welcome Dries Depoorter (BE)L☻dy Aeckerlin and Patrik Hübner (DE) on stage. They will delve into a topic at the intersection of design and digital technology. This time with a bold statement: Tech is Taking Over. The development of AI is happening rapidly. And although we now know that AI will not take over our jobs for the time being, there is plenty to discuss about the impact of new technology on, among other things, the design profession.

The three top speakers will take us through the development of technology and its impact on the design profession. How will tech and people work together? And are there developments that we should be concerned about?

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Altijd up-to-date over de laatste digital trends en het snel veranderende MarTech landschap.


Netwerken én van gedachten wisselen met vakidioten uit de marketing-, communicatie- en tech-sector.


Maak kennis met innovaties die mogelijkheden bieden voor digital (marketing) én pas deze zelf toe in de praktijk. 


De volgende events staan voor 2023 op de agenda:

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19 april – Gen-Z is killing the ads
24 mei – Digital startups 
27 september – Marketingteam van de toekomst
25 oktober – DDW: Tech is taking over

Over de sprekers


Dit zijn de sprekers voor de volgende editie

Dries Depoorter
Belgian artist Dries Depoorter, based in Ghent, combines technology and art to create pieces that highlight modern concerns like privacy, artificial intelligence, surveillance, and social media. With a strong background in electronics, Dries has become a notable figure in the digital art world. His diverse portfolio includes innovative apps, interactive installations, websites, and games.

In his recent project, “The Follower,” Dries Depoorter employs open cameras and AI to unveil videos showing how Instagram photos were captured. A standout project of his, “Die With Me,” is a unique chat app that’s only accessible when a user’s phone battery is below 5%. Another intriguing project, “The Flemish Scrollers,” uses AI to automatically tag Belgian politicians when they use their phones during daily livestreams.

Along with his other works, have gained international attention, solidifying Dries’ position in the global art scene. He has showcased his work at prestigious venues like the Barbican in London, Art Basel, Mutek Festival in Montreal, and Ars Electronica. Additionally, Dries has given talks for organizations such as TEDx, MoMA, and SXSW.


L☻dy Aeckerlin
L☻dy Aeckerlin has got a problem: he doesn’t really fit in a box. But if you had to put him into one it would be that of a digital philosopher with a creative consciousness. He likes to share his unique perspective of the world and learn those of others. A passion for our shared future along with the threats and opportunities new technologies and innovations bring us.


Patrik Hübner
As a programming designer and creative director, Patrik Hübner has been working at the intersection of brand communication and technology for over 15 years. Working in traditional design for years, he discovered Creative Coding in 2014 and is one of the first to use the explorative creative method to rethink branding. Today, as a generative designer, he works with international brands, agencies and cultural institutions to develop unique brand experiences that inspire analog and digital connections between people, brands and products.
With the goal of fundamentally changing the way we understand branding and design, Patrik is dedicated to introducing as many people as possible to the world of generative design and creative coding. For this reason, he teaches at universities, is a regular keynote speaker and gives workshops at creativity & innovation Labs, agencies and companies.
His clients include Landor & Fitch, Interbrand, Serviceplan, Wieden+Kennedy, The New York Times, Evian, and Lexus. Patrik has lectured at Deutsche Telekom, IBM, Publicis, The Atlantic, among others, as well as at universities and events such as re:publica Berlin and Dutch Design Week. Since 2018, his generative work has won over 30 awards, including the ADC Award, the European Design Award, the German Design Award, the D&ADAward, the World Brand Design Award and many more.

Doortje Smithuijsen

Filosoof en Journalist


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Paradijslaan 8, 5611 KN Eindhoven

The Netherlands

040 207 3730

Hier komen?

Paradijslaan 8, 5611 KN Eindhoven

The Netherlands

040 207 3730

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